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Motivational quotes are available everywhere from calendars to books, coffee mugs to websites. They can be found on posters, business cards, brochures, and billboards. What makes these quotes so popular and prevalent? Do they work? Do people read these quotes and suddenly become more effective, perform better, or even more appealing? Simply reading encouraging words doesn't bring immediate rewards. Motivation simply does not work like that. Why are they so popular?


From time to time, everybody needs a little encouragement and also for most, motivational quotes may just be the solution. They provide just a tiny dose of enthusiasm to help get someone through a tough time or energize them to finish a specific challenge. Much like drink manufacturers offer energy beverages to supply consumers with a mid-day pick me up, these small motivational blurbs are supposed to energize the mind. They frequently come from successful individuals and give a glimpse into the way they achieved or defeated. Regrettably, much like an energy drink, the consequences don't last forever.


Far more powerful than inspirational quotations would be the purpose one believes in a specific activity. Not that quotations meant to inspire aren't useful, because they indeed can be helpful. But as a power drink cannot substitute a proper night's sleep, these quotations can't substitute function. Goal is what pushes and truly motivates an individual. A quote from someone who has been at a similar location or situation can offer reminders of purpose, but it cannot replace it entirely. Someone could find inspiration in a quotation, a chant, or a prayer, but inspiration may not hold if no greater purpose lies beneath.

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